Bowenwork Session: $60

  • Positive affects are often felt after one session, however it is recommended to commit to at least 3 sessions when getting started with Bowenwork to experience more lasting relief.
  • A Bowenwork session typically lasts about an hour, but can vary based on the needs  of the client.  Pricing is set per session, not based on time.

Pediatric Bowenwork (4 months-12 years): $30-50

  • Price is dependent on age and need. Children process the work quickly, so sessions are much shorter than adult sessions.
  • Infants up to 4 months are complimentary.

*I do not bill insurance but am happy to provide a receipt for you to submit to your insurance or HSA account for potential reimbursement*
Monetary tips are not accepted. To show gratitude, consider on online referral or tell a friend about Bowenwork!

Pediatric Occupational Therapy + Bowenwork

As an experienced pediatric occupational therapist, I love to work with kids and families! OT + Bowenwork may be a great option if you have concerns with areas of your child's development. Lets talk more to see if this is a good fit and determine pricing based on need!

  • Bowenwork + OT can be provided as a consultation and/or hands-on treatment, depending on the need.
  • Areas of concern may include: infant/toddler motor development, sensory processing difficulties, fine/visual-motor development (including handwriting), and body awareness/coordination.