Bowenwork's gentle moves stimulate the nervous system to move from a mode of ’fight or flight’ into ‘rest and repair.’ It is in this state that the body’s innate ability to heal can be accessed.

Bowenwork utilizes a unique type of stretch-and-roll-through “moves." Specific pauses or wait-times are used between sets of moves to give the body time to begin its response. The wait times are an essential part of the process and where the true work is done. The pause allows the body time to respond to the signals received; adjustments are made in the tension levels of muscles and the relationship between connective tissue/nerves/muscles/tendons are mobilized. 

Bowenwork is non-invasive; the work is done while the client remains clothed and is well-tolerated by all ages and conditions.


History of Bowenwork  

Bowenwork was developed in Australia in the 1950s and is the work of the late Tom Bowen. Bowen used this modality (which he called “a gift from God”) to help over 13,000 people a year in his small clinic. After Tom's passing, one of his trusted and esteemed students, Oswald Rentsch,  has carried on the work. "Ossie" and his wife, Elaine, lead and train teachers in the original Bowen method (Bowtech) in order to make this powerful work available around the world. 


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